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Yiting pension Your first choice

New model of old - age pension

As a new world of retirement, Yiting mansion adheres to the new pension concept of "home-based retirement, courtyard-style leisure, full service and publicized fees and charges", and takes a new path of providing end-of-life care.
Yiting mansion --- pension old world, is open arms, welcome the arrival of the elderly!
Home Old-age Care

Taking the concept of home design as a starting point, Shanghai Yiting Mansion integrates the elements of "home" from the aspects of structure and layout, soft furnishings, etc., and distinguishes it from the living environment of the aged in traditional institutions.

Courtyard style leisure

Yiting Mansion buildings and the environment is a garden style Jiangnan, pavilions, quiet paths, green branches, trees, water gurgling, birds of paradise. When you stand Yiteting mansion, look beautiful and exquisite.

100% service

"100 good filial piety first." Yit Ting mansion has a "filial piety" overwhelming, respect for parents, respect for the elderly, enthusiastic retirement career management, service team, where elders can enjoy family-like care and service.


Professional focus Dedicated service

Provide 100% service for the elders

Nursing mode Relief entrusted and comfortable life

The Court is committed to freeing the energetic elders seeking excellence and keeping pace with the times from the pressures of housework, trivia and caring for the other half. Elegant and fulfilling old age can not do without a healthy body, good body and cognitive function, and active participation in social groups and creative and meaningful activities. Yat Ting is dedicated to improving the life style of the elderly in China. Under the premise of fully respecting the preferences, aspirations and rights of the elders, we organize rich and colorful daily activities for the elderly to create a vibrant community environment.

Health services Warm home and take good care of

Support and care for the elderly who need daily care like bathing, dressing and medication. At Yat Ting, assisting in nursing is not only providing life care for the elderly. It is also about allowing the elderly to remain as independent as possible and to better integrate into the community life under the guidance of their own will so that they can enjoy their life while being protected life.

Yiting apartment comfortable living

From the aspects of integration into the "home" element

B-1 Type A convenient economy

The economic benefits of a home, give people the old but young heart of a place. The overall design is simple and generous, transparent and fluent, the function is all ready, the practical rate is high.

B-2 Type A warm enough

A warm enough, the mood can fly. The space is just good, the function is reasonable, the facilities are all ready and the practical rate is high.

C-2 Type Luxury home

A luxury, vision, Fangxing are. The bedroom and the living room are south, full of light, warm and comfortable.

E-2 Type Large space two homes

Large-scale two homes, warm and comfortable, the overall design simple and generous, full-featured, practical rate.

E-3 Type Classic eternal two homes

Classic eternal two homes, all bright spatial pattern, broaden the visual experience, good ventilation, adequate lighting.


At home pension and institutional pension in one of the pension model

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Shanghai Yiting Beadhouses

Shanghai Yiting beadhouses, also known as Yiting mansion, located in Shanghai City, Jinshan District Zhujing Shanghai high-speed traffic S36 to the north, State Road 320 South Road Corridor (Jin Zhang Road No. 7193) on the west side, and the beautiful scenery of the river rock excavation.

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