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Yiting manor pastoral scenery, natural "oxygen bar"

Jiangnan garden style, bridges, pavilions, trees and flowers, birds of paradise, Yiting manor pastoral scenery, natural "oxygen bar", containing fruit trees, vegetable, breeding, restaurants and so on. Elderly people can enjoy the flowers, can be picked, can be fishing, can enjoy fruits and vegetables and a variety of delicacies. Here, the elders can also claim "a place", in close contact with nature, to experience the pleasure of labor and harvest satisfaction.

Yiting Door model figure Comfortable living

From the aspects of integration into the "home" element

B-1 Type A convenient economy

The economic benefits of a home, give people the old but young heart of a place. The overall design is simple and generous, transparent and fluent, the function is all ready, the practical rate is high.

B-2 Type A warm enough

A warm enough, the mood can fly. The space is just good, the function is reasonable, the facilities are all ready and the practical rate is high.

C-2 Type Luxury home

A luxury, vision, Fangxing are. The bedroom and the living room are south, full of light, warm and comfortable.

E-2 Type Large space two homes

Large-scale two homes, warm and comfortable, the overall design simple and generous, full-featured, practical rate.

E-3 Type Classic eternal two homes

Classic eternal two homes, all bright spatial pattern, broaden the visual experience, good ventilation, adequate lighting.

Sports activities Colorful life platform

Yiting Mansion "Paramount" club, is a place for the elderly to concentrate. Book reading room, movie theater, chess room, pay the Court, painting room ... ... everything. Here the elders build a heart-to-heart exchange of friends, healthy and colorful life platform, to create a warm and comfortable, happy optimistic, leisurely enjoyment of life.
In his free time, he and his friend meet at a coffee shop, chatting and chatting. Qingcha with friends, fragrant tea with his wife, with a pot of fragrant, full of two friendship.

"Vigor Instructor" Fully feel the warm atmosphere of the extended family

"Vigor Instructor" Life steward organizes social activities, study, literature and art, entertainment and other special events daily for the elders, and organizes elders to set up various interest groups such as dance, painting and calligraphy, handcraft and ball games and organizes groups to go out Activities to help elders maintain social integration with the times and at the same time arrange monthly collective birthday parties for the elderly to fully experience the warm atmosphere of the extended family.

Intelligent management is quick and easy

Realization of intelligent elderly care

With the rise of technologies such as mobile Internet and big data, the integration of information technology and retirement care services will help provide the elderly with life-based support through the core functions of comprehensive sensing, transmission and processing of information platforms and so on. , Social support and other services. The Yiting Mansion uses ultra-low power consumption sensing equipment to provide emergency calls, family hotlines, caring voice, 24-hour security monitoring service and card access control and consumer features to provide security and convenience for the elderly.

At home pension and institutional pension in one of the pension model

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Shanghai Yiting Beadhouses

Shanghai Yiting beadhouses, also known as Yiting mansion, located in Shanghai City, Jinshan District Zhujing Shanghai high-speed traffic S36 to the north, State Road 320 South Road Corridor (Jin Zhang Road No. 7193) on the west side, and the beautiful scenery of the river rock excavation.

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