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At home pension and institutional pension in one of the pension model

Yiting mansion home-based pension, she is from the single-family single-family elders "small home", please go to Yit Ting mansion collective pension "home", is the home pension and institutional old-age integration in one The new pension model.
24-hour butler service
● The hospital is equipped with quality life steward or "assistant", pay attention to your daily life and implement the 24-hour child-friendly family service, so that you can enjoy the all-round family pleasure.
● provide food and beverage information (including organic food, such as vegetables, cereals and other information) and called meal delivery service.
● If you need to be awakened at the scheduled time, wake up call will be provided by phone.
● Emergency call: You can press the call button, the service staff will be rushed to the scene as soon as possible.
● intelligent monitoring: the use of advanced three-dimensional positioning system, you can accurately freeze your public space in the hospital's location, provide security.
● Card System: set access control, consumption, payment functions as a whole.
● Business agent: to provide you with daily necessities to buy services.

● Cleaning and maintenance:

● Once a week according to operating procedures for living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, facade, ground cleaning work.
● Each month on the gas kit, wires, switches, sockets, emergency call equipment, appliances, lamps, pipes and other inspection and maintenance.

● Item cleaning:

● Every month, your bedding will be cleaned and disinfected.
● Once a year for your curtain cleaning.
● Regularly collect the clothes you need to wash and wash, and then clean it to your house.

● Hour service:

● Temporary hour service: including escort shopping, visiting friends, medical treatment, or emergency indoor cleaning.
● Long-time hour service, you need to call the lifekeeper (assistant) one week in advance.
Family service
● Lifekeepers (assistants) and professional team members make friends with you, often chatting with you, exchanging ideas, communicating with your loved ones, and carrying out psychological care in a targeted manner.
● Create a family file for you, register your family and other key relatives and friends of the basic information, contact frequently exchange information. Promptly remind you of your family and relatives' birthday or other anniversaries in order to bless each other.
● According to you or your family, relatives and friends at the request of organizing special activities for you to enhance the contact and feelings of your family, relatives and friends.
● Set up a platform to arrange special people, according to the needs of single elderly, to carry out marriage introduction.
Maintenance service
● The hospital equipped with quality life butler or "assistant", concerned about your daily life, the implementation of 24-hour child-like family services, allowing you to enjoy a full range of family-style delightful life.
● Provide food and beverage information (including organic food, such as vegetables, cereals and other information) and called meal delivery service.
Travel services

● Shuttle:

● Four classes a day (08:15; 10:00, 13:00; 15:00), and from the Summer Palace to Zhujing town.
● Three shifts per week from the park (08:00 on Monday; 08:00 on Wednesday; Friday 13:00), from the Summer Palace to Metro Line 1 Lotus Road Station (in the future if necessary, to adjust the shift or route).

● Car:

● Co-taxi companies to carry out car rental business, or depending on your needs, commissioned shuttle bus.
Catering Services
● chef carefully cooking delicious meals, nutritionists devote themselves to the development of nutritional recipes.
● Focus more on user needs, maintain long-term interaction with residents and understand household preferences.
● Unity and harmony of the team, serious attitude, in order to cook a full hearted dishes.
● meat and vegetables with dishes, fresh and delicious fruit, a wide variety of tricks for you to choose from.
● At the same time provide customized birthday party, dinner and other services, humanity to meet your needs.
"Paramount" service
● Yiting mansion, closed the door to home, open the door is the elderly apartment, elderly community.
● The "Paramount" clubhouse in Yiting Mansion is a place for the elderly to focus their activities.
● Book reading room, movie theater, chess room, Jiao Xuan Yuan, calligraphy studio, piano, folk music, opera ... everything.
Health services
● To carry out a variety of activities in various forms such as sports activities (elderly fitness activities, radio exercises, square dance, karaoke singing competitions, theatrical performances, etc.), festivals, competitions, talent exhibitions, visits ) Activities and so on.
Organize seasonal fruit picking, tasting, small garden farmers (each can apply for a minute) planting, farming activities, experience green pastoral life.
● Create a variety of interest groups (including painting, calligraphy, paper cutting, music, dance, photography, fishing, etc.) to enrich your life.
● Regularly open seminars on politics, history, finance, arts, science and technology, health care and so on to increase your knowledge.
● Join hands with elder universities to set up an exchange platform and regularly set up senior college courses (philosophy of literature and history, art, photography, painting, finance, cooking, housekeeping, etc.) and short-term advanced classes.
● With the rise of technologies such as mobile internet and big data, the integration of information technology and aged care services will help provide intelligent support for the elderly by providing them with the core functions such as comprehensive sensing, transmission and processing of information platforms, so as to provide life support and intelligence to the elderly Ji, social support and other services.
● Yiting Mansion uses ultra-low power consumption sensing equipment to provide emergency calls, family hotlines, caring voice, 24-hour security monitoring service and access control card with consumer features to provide security and convenience for the elderly.
Note: For the paid preferential services (according to the needs of arrangements, see service charges specifically).

At home pension and institutional pension in one of the pension model

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