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Yiting is well recognized by the old people

Let's feel yiting nursing home

Yiting nursing home implements a new mode of home care and institutional care.

The couple's inner voice

The two old people spoke their hearts for a happy life in yiting nursing home

An English teacher experienced it firsthand

An English teacher spoke about her experience in the yiting nursing home

Intelligent management Convenient and quick

Realize intelligent management of old-age care

With the rise of mobile Internet, big data and other technologies, the integration of information technology and elderly care services with the help of information platform comprehensive perception, transmission and processing of core functions, to achieve intelligent elderly care management, so as to provide life help, spiritual comfort, social support and other services for the elderly. Yating residence adopts ultra-low power consumption sensor equipment, which provides emergency call, family hotline, voice care, 24-hour security monitoring service and access control and consumption function one-card to provide security and convenience for the elderly.

At home pension and institutional pension in one of the pension model

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Shanghai Yiting Beadhouses

Shanghai Yiting beadhouses, also known as Yiting mansion, located in Shanghai City, Jinshan District Zhujing Shanghai high-speed traffic S36 to the north, State Road 320 South Road Corridor (Jin Zhang Road No. 7193) on the west side, and the beautiful scenery of the river rock excavation.

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