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Yiting Mansion - home old-age new choice

Shanghai Yiting beadhouses, also known as Yi Ting Mansion, is located at No. 7193 Jinzhang Road, Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, north of S36 of Shanghai Expressway, south of National Highway 320, west of Jinglang Road, and on the banks of the scenic Nanshi River. A total investment of about 100000000 yuan, planning land area of ​​22000 square meters, plans to provide 380 beds. A development area of ​​12,000 square meters, 95 pension beds. As a new world of retirement, Yiteting mansion adheres to the new pension concept of "home-based retirement, courtyard-style leisure, full service and publicized fees and charges", and takes a new path of providing end-of-life care.
Yi Ting Mansion building and the environment is Suzhou garden style, pavilions, quiet paths, litchi shade, tree luxuriant, water gurgling, birds of paradise. Yi Ting mansion also has an area of ​​more than 100 acres of Yat Ting Manor, pastoral scenery, natural "oxygen bar." Elderly people can enjoy flowers, picking, tasting fruits and vegetables and delicious dishes. Here, the elders can also claim "a place", in close contact with nature, experience the joy of work.
In the traditional Chinese tradition, home-based care is the first choice for the elderly. Yi Ting Mansion home-based pension, is the home pension and institutional old-age integration in the new pension model. Yat Ting Mansion "Paramount" club, is a place for the elderly to concentrate. Book reading room, movie theater, chess room, pay the Court, painting room ... ... everything.
Yit Ting mansion has a "filial piety" overwhelming, respect for the elderly, enthusiastic pension management, service team, the elderly can enjoy family-like care and service. Our service philosophy is to make the elderly "six have": a room, a car, healthy, family, care, dignity. Service goal is "eight hundred percent": 100% housing, travel one hundred percent, catering 100% medical hundred percent happy hundred percent shopping 100% travel hundred percent rights . The elderly living in the apartment can enjoy many service items including home life care, shopping agents, rehabilitation medical care, old age education, culture and entertainment, food distribution, diet guidance and community home affairs. The elderly can not only enjoy the warmth of home care for the elderly, but also obtain professional pension services for the elderly so that the elderly may feel relieved and comfortable.
Yat Ting Mansion pension fees benefit the majority of elderly residents, is the "popular" level. High-end hardware facilities, first-class service levels, preferential rates, is the ideal choice for the elderly pension.

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In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural activities for the elderly, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the celebration, the "Third Elderly Chess Tournament" was held with the news...


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Shanghai City, Jinshan District Zhujing Road Corridor (No. 7193 Jin Zhang Road)




At home pension and institutional pension in one of the pension model

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Shanghai Yiting Beadhouses

Shanghai Yiting beadhouses, also known as Yiting mansion, located in Shanghai City, Jinshan District Zhujing Shanghai high-speed traffic S36 to the north, State Road 320 South Road Corridor (Jin Zhang Road No. 7193) on the west side, and the beautiful scenery of the river rock excavation.

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